Guide to the Ultimate Warm-ups Routine

So you are committed to achieving a healthier body. Because of this, never make the mistake of short-changing yourself. There are a variety of exercises out there that will fit everyone. This is great for those who are willing to gain from its benefits. But nothing would be effective no matter how strenuous the exercise routine is, unless done the right way. Having the ultimate warm-ups routine is one key to achieving exercise goals. Here are effective tips that will make you perform optimally and avoid injuries at the same time.

What You Need to Know 

Think of the ultimate warm-ups routine as the main training preparation. The idea is to have all gears in the body aligned. This is to make it run smoothly once the warm up is done. There is a need to do progressive movements like walking lunges, toe touches, and a few high knees. The purpose is to get all the joints moving in a synchronized manner. These classic moves will loosen and stretch the muscles. By doing so, they don’t strain or snap as the exercise becomes tougher.

To warm up is a typical way to literally “warm up” or condition the body. The purpose is to increase its performance during exercise. However, the ultimate warm-ups routine is not the same with all types of exercise. Those who do weightlifting have different warm-ups with those who do marathons. There are similarities, yes, but a specific plan should be made for the warm up set to be effective.

The Basic Goals with a Warm Up

  1. The fitness level as well as the type of exercise is the basis of what warm up routine to take. Essentially, these goals should be achieved:
  2. Loosen those tight muscles. Mobility movements, like foam rolling, are a great method of warming up the all joints and muscle groups.
  3. Pump the heart up. Low resistance biking or even a jog will help the heart to thump a little faster. This will also warm up the muscles and will switch on the nervous system. So not only the body becomes alert but the mind as well.
  4. Dynamic stretching is a must. Most people think that static stretching is okay. Yet, this will only stunt exercise performance. Dynamic stretching, or continuous range of movement motions, is the perfect solution. Arm circles, leg forward kicks, toe touches, and the likes are the best. The point is to not hold the stretch.
  5. Practice the exercise pattern. What better way to warm up than to practice the actual exercise? But do this at a much lower intensity. This will enhance neuromuscular adaptation, which is basically making the muscles remember the actions. This will prepare the body for the final and tougher routine ahead.

Mainly, warm ups can spell the difference between having a so-so exercise and achieving the ultimate goals of fitness. If you are still at odds on what warm ups to take, here are top moves that you can start with:

  1. Basic dynamic actions like lunges, squats, hand walk, arm and foot circles.
  2. Do 5 minutes of jumping rope. This little session will get your heart pumping in no time.
  3. Balance challenge using the muscles for the actual training will help stabilize the muscles.
  4. Jumping jacks! Kids’ favorite maybe, but 10 minutes of these will help work on your core. It will pump the heart, and will also stretch those arm and leg muscle groups.
  5. Swing it! Swinging movements like arm swings, front to back leg swings, and cross-body leg swings. They will make those muscles resilient more flexible, and a lot more responsive.
  6. Try yoga. Yoga is a great flexibility enhancer. If you are looking forward to prepare not only the body for an intense work out, this is the ultimate warm up to learn. It will sync the mind, body, and spirit and at the same time stretch the muscles to its elastic excellence.
  7. One way to keep the intensity up for any of these warm up routines is by having some sort of entertainment while doing it all. Crank the volume up while listening to some workout music. One good thing about music is that it helps the mind get on the right track. It tends to make you focus, relax the mind and get the body moving.
  8. You may also try unconventional warm up routines. Choose those that are fun and challenging. Examples are crab walk, spider crawl, inchworm, bunny box jump, and other wild exercises. They are inspired to awaken the animal instinct in you.

Choices for warm up exercises are endless. Do not limit yourself, change it according to what your body needs. As with any other fitness regimes, the most important thing to consider is that you enjoy every aspect of it. Make the whole exercise routine an enjoyable experience. Any warm up routine should not fatigue you. Rather, make it a goal to make each warm up steps count. From the time that you warm up until the last breathe during the cool down; always remember that it is for your own good and that it is you who will enjoy it. 

Natural Beauty Tricks and Tips

Beauty is the special gift of women. It should be preserved and taken care in a great way. It is natural for all of us to get attracted towards good looking men and women. If you see a smart and beautiful girl in your office, you would automatically call and talk to her. Beauty is just an attraction that makes people come near you. It is important to preserve both the outer body and inner health to enjoy a long time beauty. Most people will ensure to focus on external beauty and miss to concentrate their inner health.

If you are not healthy, it will consequently affect your beauty. Ensure to give importance to both inner health and outer beauty in an equal manner. There are numerous natural ways to enhance your beauty. When you pick cosmetics or beauty products, you have to make sure that it does not cause any side effects. Some products will promise to provide instant results, but there are chances to experience serious side effects. You have to remain cautious when you are using new beauty products. It is better to use products after consulting your dermatologist or physician.

Some of the best known natural beauty tricks and tips are as follows,

Oil cleansing: Do you want to get a shining skin tone? Well, it is best to nourish your body by using the mixture of coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil and castor oil. Mix all the ingredients by add equal quantities and rub into your skin. These are natural oils and does not cause any harm to your skin. If you have dry skin, you can run to your face for few minutes in circular motions. When you complete the body massage, wash your body with steam water and pat it dry. You will feel a clean and shining skin tone.

Natural bronzing: The natural bronzers allow healthy body and skin. It provides a shiny skin and keeps the epidermis of your skin healthy.

Facial mask: It is advisable to use facial mask prepared from fresh fruits and vegetables. It does not cause side effects like a synthetic mask. Orange peels and papaya are good than the artificial masks. When you place cucumber on your eyes, you will feel cool and relaxed from inwards.

Hair conditioners: To prepare a natural hair conditioner, you need to collect banana, avocado, and water. Blend all three together and apply on your hair. It serves as an excellent conditioner. It will provide bouncy and smooth hair. As these ingredients are rich in proteins, it acts as a conditioner to your hair. It is free from chemicals and does not damage your hair. It is powerful and healthy than the artificial conditioners. Ensure to use natural hair conditioner instead of shampoo.

Sugar scrub: Pick white and brown sugar, mix with olive or almond oil and rub on your skin. It should be rubbed gently on the face. Leave the mixture on your face for a few minutes. The fructose and glucose will help to give you an even and smooth skin tone.