The Reliable Services of a Great Dental Clinic in Brunswick

A few days ago, I caught up with a good friend who is a dentist. Curious, I asked her for more details on the services her trusted dental clinic in Brunswick offers. After all, finding a good practice can be tricky sometimes, and it would be great to know where to pop in should I need any dental treatment.

Her extensive education and background, which includes a degree in dentistry at RMIT, is reflected on the list of procedures that patients can expect in the clinic. I was impressed with the variety of services available, which is also great for potential customers like me. I prefer, after all, visiting a dentist who can deal with all of the common problems and offer the best and newest treatments so I do not need to consult with other professionals. 

Potential clients can drop by her clinic for any of the following procedures:


During the first visit, the goal is to understand the patient’s full health history through a full dental examination. After thoroughly checking teeth, the gums and mouth, signs of disease, cavities, and other problems can be identified.

She may need to take x-rays to find any decay that might be hidden between teeth. At the same time, impacted ones or cysts cannot be seen by the naked eye. These, and other jaw abnormalities can then be identified and the proper course of treatment can be planned.

Full Cleaning

As part of checking for any damages, she will have to remove any built-up tartar and plaque along and below your gum line. The process of removing them also makes sure you avoid gum disease, oral cavities, bad breath and any other problems. At the end, your teeth will be polished and flossed, before fluoride is applied to avoid decay.


Cavities on the surface of the tooth can be fixed easily, through replacing parts lost from the decay or from fractures. These fillings, bonded chemically to the structures of teeth, are available in the same color so that they blend in.

Root Canal Treatment

Some teeth that have deep decay, cracks or infection of the pulp might need to go through this treatment. The goal is to save the tooth and reduce the need for an implant. First, the infected pulp, where they nerves are located, is removed. Afterward, the inside of the tooth is cleaned before it is sealed with filling material. Normally a crown, which is a cap that will restore the shape, size and the appearance of teeth, is also used to prevent any further loss.

Despite any fears patients may have, root canal procedures do not hurt because of the use of anesthesia that will numb the affected area.

Tooth Extractions

When the tooth cannot be saved, it will have to be removed through an extraction process. As with a root canal, some numbing cream and local anesthesia will be used so patients will not feel any pain. 

It will take one to two weeks for the healing, however, there is the risk of other teeth to shift and affect your bite. Therefore, there is a need to replace the tooth with an implant, a bridge or dentures.

Bridges and Dental Implants

After extraction, there is a need to for replacement. There are two main options; first through cementing artificial teeth to natural ones. These are called bridges.

Second, implants may be used. These are replacements for missing roots placed into the jawbone surgically. They then become stable anchors for artificial teeth. They appear more natural and will feel and work like your natural ones. At the same time, the smile is retained as if nothing has happened.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Sometimes your wisdom teeth are impacted or are irregularly placed, causing you a lot of pain. Therefore, your dentist will recommend to remove them. After a complete scan of your jaw, the operation is then planned. During the session, anesthesia is used to numb the extraction site. Afterward, stitches may be used, patients may also be prescribed some antibiotics or painkillers as part of the recovery. 

Cosmetic Procedures

The clinic also offers treatments to improve the appearance of teeth, whether through whitening, installation of veneers or through alignment procedures. 

Finding a good dental clinic is important. After all, once a tooth is extracted, or parts are removed, it can never be undone. At the same time, oral health is vital for one's overall well-being and even self-confidence. Always remember that the oral cavity is as important as any other organ in the body. This is where the first place of digestion takes place therefore, make it a point to keep it healthy in clean. Apart from practicing good oral hygiene at home, it is also a must to visit your dentist regularly.