Self-Love in the New Normal: Going to a Beauty Salon

Since the lockdown started, I barely went out. If I ever did, it was only for groceries. However, it’s been a year since the coronavirus spread and staying at home is already getting the better of me. I have to admit, I don’t think wearing pajamas every day is that great. I thought it was ideal or “the dream”, but it’s not.

After a few months staying in place, I found myself missing the times when I dolled myself up. And that’s when I decided to visit a beauty salon in Werribee. Curious about the new guidelines when visiting a beauty salon? Read on.

What to Expect When Visiting a Beauty Salon

It comes as no surprise that beauty salons are one of the establishments that have very strict protocols. Aside from the fact that you can’t do without contactless services, there are a lot of aerosols being used that might carry the virus from one person to another.

Nonetheless, beauty salons remain open in Werribee. You just have to follow their new guidelines. Here are some of them:

1. You have to book in advance.

Ever since the pandemic started, salons, gyms, and clinics require you to book in advance. I was fortunate enough to do this before I visited so I didn’t have to go back home and schedule an appointment on a different day.

Some salons have their own booking service on their website but if they don’t, you just have to call them and schedule an appointment with their concierge.

2. The capacity is limited.

Most beauty salons I’ve seen have cut their max capacity at 50%. This is to maintain the social distancing between seats. With that said, it’s really important that you only go there when you have an appointment.

One important thing to remember is that most of the time, they won’t allow any companions. If you were planning to go there with a friend, make sure that they too have an appointment. If not, they have to step out and wait for you to finish.

3. Store hours may be different.

Another thing to note is that some beauty salons have changed their operating hours. It’s best to check their website or call them first to make sure. And while you’re at it, book an appointment for your desired service.

4. You have to wear your mask at all times.

Beauty salons are strict about this since there are a lot of aerosols in the air. However, if you availed of service for your face, then you will have to remove your mask. Don’t worry, the staff and the medical professionals wear masks and PPEs all the time.

5. Maintain social distancing.

You’ve probably heard this more times than you want to but I can’t stress this enough – maintain social distancing. Even when you’re already inside the salon, don’t go too close to anyone. Aside from the possibility that they will ask you to move away, you also have to protect yourself.

Don’t worry, personnel in the salons are well-informed of the protocols and they try to maintain a safe distance from you at all times.

6. Look for virtual consultations.

Lastly, a lot of salons have already adapted to the new normal. This means that some have taken their services online. One example is their skin consultations.

Some salons and clinics hold online calls so that you can consult with them. You just have to book online for your slot. This saves you a lot of time to go to the salon. It also lessens the risk you put yourself into when you go out.

These are just some of the common guidelines found in almost every beauty salon in Werribee. Some establishments may have stricter protocols, so always read their guidelines when you’re in the salon.

Personally, the guidelines aren’t inconveniencing considering that they help prevent the spread of the virus. Besides, by the time you visit a salon, you’ll realize how much you miss getting pampered that you won’t notice anything else!