Indoor Cricket Is A Game For Everyone

Playing a sport is definitely one of the best ways to remain active and still have fun. After all, not everyone finds going to the gym exciting and I am one of those people. Instead, I decided to think of different ways to stay physically active.

After scouting around some indoor sports stadiums, I stumbled upon the idea of playing indoor cricket. For cricket fans and wanna-be cricket players, this sport is truly exciting and can be fun to play with friends or family members. The indoor version, which was developed in Australia, is a version that can be played the whole year-round and is also suitable for beginners.

While playing outdoors during summer is also fun, opting for an indoor sport means the game can continue despite the weather. Plus, indoor cricket includes a ceiling 4 meters high and netting covering the whole court. The size of the pitch and the stumps are just the same as the outdoor version.

Advantages of Indoor Cricket

I became interested in indoor cricket after watching a game in the indoor sports stadium close by. I was mesmerized at how exciting and fast-paced the game was and I decided to try out playing indoor cricket with friends. Although all of us have not had a lot of experience playing this sport, I knew we will have fun. Thankfully, the game is not as complicated nor does it require any specific skill.

We signed up at the indoor stadium for a trial game and called up other friends to complete the 8 people required for a game. It took a bit of time to get the hang of the rules and how to play but once we started, it did not disappoint. Compared to other games, everyone could play because unlike outdoor cricket, no one is banished far away that he could not participate.

The game lasts 2 innings, with each inning lasting 16 overs. Every player gets to bowl 2 overs and can bat for 4 overs. Everyone gets their turn and in fact, the whole game is fast-paced and exciting.

Playing With Kids

After trying it out, my friends and I have since planned further games, this time with younger players. Because some of us have families and kids, it is the best sport for us. We even planned a family day wherein the kids could also play on their own or join a couple of our games. Compared to regular outdoor cricket, the ball is softer, making it even more kid-friendly.

Because our games are for fun as opposed to playing competitively, it is also perfect for those of us who are not as fit. Fortunately, there is no need to run a hundred yards to collect the ball close to the boundary, nor the need to throw it this far away. There is also no pressure to hit the ball a hundred yards. Runs are instead scored in quite a few ways, so if you are an amateur player, you still have a great chance of ruling the game.

The Best Option For A Fun And Active Day

At first, it was not easy to find a sport that we can play the whole year round but thanks to the many indoor sports stadiums in our city, we became hooked on indoor cricket. It is easy, exciting, and fun for everyone regardless of gender and age.

Since then, we have organized more competitive games just for me and my mates, family days, and even with our partners. So if you are also looking for an interesting activity for you and your friends, then you should head over to your closest indoor sports stadium now.